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  • Systematic management

    7x24Hours all-weather service consultation platform,To provide customers with products advisory、The order progress and other series of services

  • Pre-sale service

    According to the construction requirements for the customer to provide the corresponding adhesive application solutions、Technical consultation、Solutions and technical services

  • Sale service

    Technical personnel training for the customer product application technology;In case of need can send technical engineer on-the-spot guidance and training

  • After-sales service

    For every customer we will visit a variety of sources,Listen to the feedback,Tracking service quality

Interprets the macro and British

The foshan macro industrial co., LTD., founded in the 1990 s,Glue is a leading international system technical support for the development of the cornerstone of high and new technology enterprise,Is China adhesives industry high technology content、Environment-friendly adhesive products research and development、Manufacturing base。Macro British industry is located in guangdong foshan city industrial park area size of brillant district headquarters87,000m²,Construction area of more than one period50000m²,Has the environmental protection acceptance check in accordance with national environmental requirements of modern standard production workshop and more than the international advanced level of fully automatic production line。After more than twenty years steady development,Macro British industry has become the industry with strong comprehensive competitiveness of modern enterprise benchmarking。

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The core competitiveness

Many outstanding advantages defined macro English professional quality

Architectural structure of silicone sealant production country
The enterprise

  • Macro the strong technical support

    The macro has a strong technology research and development team,Together with many domestic authoritative research institutions to establish new building materials joint development center,Become the driving macro the high and new technology constantly breakthroughs the powerful engine。

  • Large-scale manufacturing automation

    Macro the scale of industrial production base of industrial park87,000㎡,With a number of world leading level automatic production line,The annual output can reach sixty thousand tons,Large-scale manufacturing capabilities form a strong price advantage。

  • Self-built plastic hose factory

    Supporting ability of macro industrial incomparable advantages,Through self-built plastic hose factory realized the seamless link of the manufacturing process,Hose annual output can reach more than one hundred million,Improved product cost-effective integrated ability to the greatest extent。

  • Best quality/High-end smart

    Macro to win“The technology for this,Professional winner”Core idea for our products,Strictly control the raw material level,Fusion exquisite manufacturing process,All products have a more reliable performance,The professional quality of fear time test。

Macro the footprint throughout across a wide area

Our high quality products and services,Always by your side

  • East China area

    Shanghai-The state grid office building

    Shanghai-Shanghai jinshan ikea metro life shopping center

    Hangzhou-Hangzhou seventh people's hospital

    Nanjing-Datang telecom group

    Hefei-Chaohu city garden



  • In south China

    Shenzhen-Baoan sports center swimming pool

    Shenzhen-Mission hills rich shopping plaza

    Wuzhou-Inspection and quarantine bureau of guangxi comprehensive testing center building

    Nanning-International trade center

    Lingshui li autonomous county-Clear water cool breeze hotel



  • In central China

    Jiujiang-Jiujiang stadium

    Nanchang-Radio and television building

    Zhengzhou-Silver base dynasty

    Changsha-Training in hunan province higher people's court building

    Hengyang-Hengyang city central hospital



  • In north China

    Beijing-Yuyuantan creek hall residential and commercial projects

    Beijing-Shijingshan the people's procuratorate

    Tianjin-International shipping center

    Taiyuan-Taiyuan city &qingdao commercial square

    Ordos-Kangbashi university



  • The northwest region

    Hanzhong city-Xinhui city life in the square

    Hanzhong city-Traffic monitoring stations office building

    Linxia-Liujiaxia hydropower construction and installation, maintenance and repair co., LTD., the gym

    Yulin-Railway shenmu north station

    Golmud-Building qarham potash co., LTD



  • In the southwest

    Chengdu-Sichuan institute of China

    Chongqing-Changan automobile engineering institute

    Meishan-California international city

    Guanghan-China's civil aviation flight institute

    Kunming-Kunming university of science and technology campus



The macro is not only a product manufacturers、Solution provider

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