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About the rich nations

Suqian fubon elevator was established2009Years,Is a professional engaged in elevator safety、Energy saving technology research and development,The elevator sales、The installation、Maintenance,Waiting for the elevator related business personnel training。

At present, the company has mechanical and electrical,Mechanical engineer9People,Engaged in the elevator10Years of professional and technical personnel12People,5Years nearly20People,There are two installation team based in the capital Beijing and shijiazhuang。

We always insist on for many years“Honesty is not a discount,Cooperation to be happy”The management idea。Adhering to safety,Optimal Quality,Science,Principle for the installation of the heart make each project a model project。To improve service quality,2011In the first opened in the city4000329932Customer service telephone。

At the same time in the business service,Based on with the public,An annual one“Fubon elevator cup”Always adhere to the hong Yang Zhengyi,Guide the civilization,The thread of public welfare propaganda suqian,To carry out the campaign。2015Years“The good faith suqian”Municipal party committee propaganda department of the campaign“Top ten network cultural activities”Award。

We open arms to embrace the integrity,Establish brand,Have a dream team for mutual development,Create a better future。

I wish you peace,To be in a good mood。

Our steps

 2003Years in guangzhou,Shenzhen engaged in elevator installation work

 2005In the elevator installation into the capital market,The ministry of public security has been installed,Beijing power supply bureau,CountriesGuest reception center and other countries Some public places。Participate in the Beijing big housing elevator installation project。

 2006Years successively participated in the Beijing subway line 4 and the Olympic village, elevator installation work。

 2007Participate in Olympic stadium in the elevator installation、Debugging、Factory inspection、The reinspection,Acceptance of the work。

 2008To take part in the Olympic Games in the elevator maintenance,Keep running work。

 2009In a suqian fubon elevator。Suqian marketplace in elevator sales and service work。

 2010Years in suqian market sales,At the same time to participate in shijiazhuang larger housing project“Zhao new town”600Elevators installation debugging。(For the whole project35Layer,Both total height106M)

 2011To improve service quality,First opened in the city400Customer service free of charge:4000329932

    2012Completed on time with good quality“Zhao new town”The elevator installation,Deliveries to the owner acceptance work smoothly,The company sales topped ten million yuan in the same year,

    2013We a long years,Do a good job in the local market sales and service at the same time,Positive development around the market,At the same time the company plans to suqian efficient seec elevator technical personnel training,A number of work in the elevator and reserve personnel training。Do positive contribution for local economic and social development。

    2014In their business at the same time,Actively advocating public welfare activities,Was carried out“Fubon elevator cup”Suqian civilization the campaign,Vigorously promote suqian city civilization create work。

    2015Years“Fubon elevator cup”The good faith suqian the campaign,The municipal party committee propaganda department“Award for top 10 network cultural activities”。Integrity of suqian AD much attention to social all circles reputably,Company has the elevator installation maintenanceAEnterprise qualification。

    2016To promote justice,Promote positive energy,Suqian foreign comprehensive influence,By suqian fubon elevator pour“Suqian charm”The public is launched。In the same year,Love me suqian essay,The broad participation of all circles of society。

    2017It was the year of the three years of civilization to create run-off,To promote the creation,The company has carried out“Suqian civilization GuChu appeal”The activities of public help create。Made positive efforts to create the national civilized city。
    2018In comprehensive thoroughly implement the party's 19 large conference spirit,To carry out the important speech,The new era,Open a new journey。General secretary of the CPPCC spirit and acquisition speech to transition to the work,Feet on the ground picking up his sleeves rolled up his sleeves gas dry air……Stick to continue,Keep at it!Patriotic will and society、Aika、Love the city of people from all walks of life together to create a better home。




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